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Voting Information

Decisions made by local elected officials impact our daily lives, often more than those made by state and federal officials. It is vital that you know when and how to vote in your local elections. Below is a list of important voting information provided by TN. gov. Use your voice and VOTE August 1, 2024.

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Am I Registered to Vote.png

Check My Voter Registration Status

Visit the website to use the 'voter registration lookup' tool.

Register to Vote.png

Register to Vote

Visit the website to view TN requirements to vote and use the online voter registration system. 

Key 2024 Voting Dates.png

Key 2024 Voting Dates

Visit the website to view the 2024 elections calendar. 

how do i vote early.png

Find Early Voting Information

Visit the website to find early voting locations and hours for your county. 

am i eligible for absentee voting.png

View the Guide to Absentee Voting

Visit the website to view a 'guide to absentee voting'. Here you can check your eligibility and request your by-mail ballot.

what is voting like.png

Watch: What is Voting Like?

Visit the website to watch a video explaining what voters can expect when casting a ballot in the state of Tennessee.

Great information for first time voters!

what district am i in.png

Find Your Voting District Information

Visit the website or download the 'GoVoteTN' app to find your voting district and current elected officials by address. 

where do i vote.png

Find Your Polling Locations

Visit the website or download the 'GoVoteTN' app to find your polling locations by address.

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